Internships Opportunities


This position is specifically for those people who are good at App Development and are majorly focusing on learning. We are a startup and we specifically need someone who can come along with us in this journey and contribute skills leading to the nurturing of both self and the startup. We are open to accepting applications from students. We only need three things

  • 1.Decent Knowledge
  • 2.Desire to Learn
  • 3.Growth Mindset

  • ✍Let me warn you before you apply we are looking for people who are willing to learn and passionate enough to work on building new things, you will face new challenges every day, sometimes your work will be appreciated sometimes not but you have to work hard every day for the mission.

    Duration of Internship- 2 Months (Extendable Depending Upon Performance) Stipend - ₹2000 Work From Home (Due to Pandemic)